Immigration Services

To download our immigration brochure please click here.The Cyprus Government, in order to encourage foreign investments, offers Investment Programs with which investors may acquire permanent residence permits or the citizenship of the Republic of Cyprus.These programs have been particularly popular for a number of reasons:The unstable political environment in certain countriesThe extremely favorable tax regime in [...]

Accounting & Audit

Our accounting department offers complete solutions customized to the specific needs of each client, thus ensuring that they achieve their financial goals in today’s ever-changing financial and regulatory environment. Our services include the following: • Maintenance of accounting records • Bookkeeping • Preparation of financial statements • Preparation of management reports • Invoicing services • [...]

Administration & Secretarial Services

Our administration and secretarial services include everything which you will need to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of your company. Our services include: • Day to day operation of the company • Legalization of documents • Drafting powers of attorney • Preparation and execution of contracts, agreements and other documents • Opening bank accounts [...]

Legal Services

Our team of legal advisors can provide a comprehensive range of legal services to local and international clients. Our associates specialize in all areas of the law including but not limited to: • Corporate • Commercial • Tax • Shipping • Intellectual property • Employment • Banking and finance • Real estate • Family • Trusts [...]

Bank Account Opening

Banking services The banking services offered include, but are not limited to: Internet banking with the added security of a digital code generator (token device) Debit and credit cards Current accounts, deposit accounts, notice accounts and so on. Multiple currency accounts Loan and overdraft facilities Private banking services International factoring Escrow account services Direct debits [...]


Cyprus is a popular jurisdiction for international trusts. The relevant law has the following criteria for a trust to qualify as a Cyprus International Trust: • The settlor should not be a permanent resident in Cyprus. • At least one trustee should be a permanent resident in Cyprus. • No beneficiaries are permanent residents in [...]

Domiciliary & Nominee Services

Companies who wish to take advantage of the favourable tax regimes of Cyprus and other jurisdictions need to domicile in, and therefore become tax residents of, the jurisdiction in question. Domiciliation requirements vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. While in offshore jurisdictions having a registered office and an agent there suffice, ‘white list’ jurisdictions have more [...]

Company Formation

We can help you register companies in Cyprus and in many other onshore and offshore jurisdictions, such as, Belize, Seychelles, British Virgin Islands (BVI), UK, UAE and Luxemburg. Alternatively, to save time, you may choose to purchase one of our previously registered companies. These companies, which are known as “Shelf Companies”, are companies registered by [...]

Tax Planning

Tax planning involves the analysis of the operations of an organisation from the financial point of view to identify the most tax efficient way to achieve its financial goals. Tax planning, therefore, establishes the way that the various elements of an organisation should interact to minimize tax liability. Many organisations do not concentrate on tax [...]