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General Information about Property in Cyprus

Cyprus is an established financial centre and one of the most popular jurisdictions to conduct business from. Being a full member of the EU it enjoys political and economic stability and an excellent legal framework. The local infrastructure rivals that of larger EU counterparts, with two new international airports, two ports, a modern road network and outstanding telecommunications, education and medical facilities.

It is, in fact, one of the safest countries in the world to live in, while at the same time offering an exceptional quality of life for all ages and lifestyles. There are vibrant modern cities with shopping centres, gourmet restaurants and cosmopolitan nightlife while at the same time picturesque villages with open air markets, traditional taverns and coffee shops. From sandy beaches with crystal clear waters to scenic mountains with unspoilt nature trails, SPAs, world-class golf courses, state of the art marinas, cultural riches, ancient history, whatever your needs might be Cyprus has something to offer.

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