Companies who wish to take advantage of the favourable tax regimes of Cyprus and other jurisdictions need to domicile in, and therefore become tax residents of, the jurisdiction in question.

Domiciliation requirements vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. While in offshore jurisdictions having a registered office and an agent there suffice, ‘white list’ jurisdictions have more domiciliation requirements.  In Cyprus, for example, the management and the control of a company have to be exercised from Cyprus. Consequently, the company should have a registered address in Cyprus, the majority of its directors must be Cyprus tax residents and most of their meetings should take place in Cyprus.

We, as a licensed corporate service provider, offer a complete range of domiciliation services for international clients requiring a corporate home in Cyprus and in other jurisdictions. In addition to the minimum domiciliation requirements of the relevant jurisdiction, we also offer additional services designed to enhance the ‘substance’ of a company. This could help decrease the risk of having the tax residency of the company successfully challenged by the tax authorities of another jurisdiction.

Even though in most cases this is not a domiciliation requirement, many corporate clients also opt for our nominee shareholders service. A nominee shareholder is an individual, or legal entity, who holds shares of a company on behalf of the actual beneficial owner using a deed of trust. Publicly available records held in certain jurisdictions list the names of the nominee shareholders. Therefore, our nominee services protect the anonymity of the beneficial owner of the company.

We offer a complete range of domiciliary and nominee services including, but not limited to:

  • Provision of registered office.
  • Provision of registered agent.
  • Provision of nominee shareholders.
  • Provision of nominee directors and other corporate officers to comply with the laws of the relevant jurisdiction.
  • Virtual office services including mail-forwarding, fax and telephone facilities.
  • Provision of fully staffed and equipped office space.